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“The Sea”
Mermaid Violin BellyMermaid ViolinMermaid ViolinMermaid Violin

Mermaid Violin FlorentineMermaidTall Ship
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This Master Violin by Kevin Lee Luthier features the most coveted of all embellishments including: inlay, embossing, transparent paintings within the wood, etc.. It portrays a mermaid combing her hair and a “Tall” ship emerging from a storm. Boat anchors adorn each c-bout, flowers are engraved along each side of its belly and it is embellished with a “Florentine” scroll and sound openings. The fittings are all highly-engraved in solid ebony.
Truly a sight to behold, a great personal pleasure.

Mermaid Scroll FrontMermaid ScrollMermaid Scroll BackMermaid Scroll

Note: as mentioned in the novel “Two Trees” and as demonstrated in these photographs, a Master Instrument will completely change colors and character depending upon the light shining upon it. When a light is moved across the back of this instrument, the sails of the ship move as if billowing in the wind. (video coming soon)

Mermaid Violin Side