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Eugene Ysaye

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Eugène Ysaye:

Born July 16, 1858 at Liege (district of Belgium).

First lessons were at the age of five with his father (violinist and conductor of the opera), Nicolas Ysaye. First public appearance was at age eight, and at the age of nine Eugene won second prize at the Conservatoire of Liege. He studied under Wieniawski beginning in 1873, and in 1876, with the help of Vieuxtemps, was awarded a subsidy from the Government to continue his studies.

First conducted in Berlin 1880, toured Norway in 1881, and after numerous engagements, including Paris in 1883, he accepted the post of “Violin Professor” at the Brussels Conservatoire (1886-1898).

First performed in America in 1894, England in 1889, and since his retirement from the conservatory, no longer teaches the technical side of music, insisting that all pupils come to him “fully equipped in that respect.”

By violinists of the younger generation, who are carried away by his temperamental qualities, he is regarded with a sentiment little short of worship.”

Yes, of course. Especially Joachim, who in 1879, after one of Ysaye's performances, declared, “I never heard the violin played like that before!”


Fritz Kreisler, “Eugène Ysaye is the greatest of all living violinists.”

Vieuxtemps, even on his deathbed, was “haunted by the chanterelle (singing quality and unsurpassed playing) of Ysaye.”

Unsurpassed in “his originality in technique and in the conception and treatment of music.”

And like Paganini, his memory is so remarkable that he can play a piece in public after merely studying the score with his eyes.


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Ysaye's Instruments:

Solo work: Joseph Guarnerius (used almost exclusively for performances)

Backup and Quartet: Antonio Stradivarius

Intermittent use: J. B. Guadagnini

Added note: His also possesses a fine collection of French violins.

Originality at its best:

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