Pablo Sarasate

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Pablo Sarasate:

:Pablo Martin Meliton De Sarasate Y Navascues was born at Pampeluna March 10, 1844. Entered the Paris Conservatoire, Jan. 1, 1856. The following year he became the favourite pupil of Alard, and gained the first prizes for solfège (a musical methode to teach pitch and sight singing, link coming soon!) and violin.

Sarasate's distinguishing characteristics are not so much fire, force, and passion, though of these he has an ample astore, as purity of style, charm, brightness of tone, flexibility, and extra-ordinary facility. He sings on the instrument with taste and expression, and without that exaggeration or affectation of sentiment which disfigures the playing of many violinists.





Antonio Stradivarius, 1724 presented to him when a boy by Queen Isabella of Spain, brought from the chapelle royale at Naples by Charles III..

A copy of this violin was made by Vuillaume and is the instrument he sometimes uses at rehearsals.

Antonio Stradivarius, 1713, an exceptionally beautiful instrument acquired from the Boissier collection.

Sarasate plays Tarantelle

Sarasate Plays Zigeunerweisen

Sarasate plays his Caprice Basque

(Though please pardon the scratches and 78 recording quality.)

Listen to “Zigeunerweisen” as interpreted by Zino Francescatti

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