Giuseppe Tartini

Founder of
“The Romantic School of Music”

Giuseppe Tartini:
The Romantic School of Music

Born April 8, 1692, Pirano, Istria Venice

After his mother and father began his musical training under a priest belonging to the order of St. Filippo Neri of Pirano, his fame truly began after he sold his soul to the Devil in a dream. The Devil played upon his violin with unbelievable virtuosity and what Guiseppe remembered after awakening became his “Devil's Trill.”
This piece was so beyond anything known to date, that the story began to spread that he had six fingers on his left hand. Tartini, on the other hand insists that the rendition played by the Devil was so beyond what is now on paper that, “so inferior to what I had heard, that if I could have subsisted on other means, I would have broken my violin and abandoned music forever.”

But he did go on; and the rest is “history.”

August 1, 1715:

The day the curtains drew back at the Monastery Chapel of Assisi;

- opening the eyes of the world to the young virtuoso/teacher, and the eyes of the virtuoso/teacher to the world.

Tartini, also founded "The School of Violin-Playing" at Padua (1728), later known as "School of the Nations” / “The Technical School of Music.”

Tartini's Violin:

Antonio Stradivarius 1715 (Please note that this is also the same year that Giuseppe founded The Romantic School of Music.)

Listen to “The Devil's Trill” as interpreted by Itzhak Pearlman

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